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HR Alliance Annual Compensation Survey

Our HR Alliance 2024 Compensation Survey & Trend Report launched on April 1st.  Our survey partner, Pearl Meyer, sent submission materials via email to past participants and companies that have expressed interest in participation.  Contact us at staff@hralliancedc.org or 703-433-9576 if you did not receive submission materials or for more information.  Our 2023 report is still available for purchase.  Please reach out for a price quote and the link to purchase the survey by credit card.  An invoice can be provided upon request.  Learn More about our Survey.

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Join us on May 10th
as HR Alliance partners with the HR Leadership Forum (HRLF) for our May program offering.  HR Alliance members are able to register free for this program which will be hosted by HRLF.  In October, HR Alliance will host HRLF and its members.  Click here for general information on our Programs page.  HR Alliance members will need to log into our website. click here and view the Member-only page for registration information and the free promo code.