Member & Speaker Spotlights

HR Alliance DC
Member and Speaker Spotlights

Lukas Butler, Control Systems Engineer, Thermo Systems (Posted September 2022)

Clay Worley, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer for the Bowman Consulting Group and HR Alliance DC Board Member (Posted September 2022)

Janet Brewer, Chief People Officer, Arcfield and HR Alliance DC Board Member (Posted May 2022)

Trina Fongyen, Director, Human Resources, Peraton and HR Alliance DC Member (Posted February 2022)

Jason Salamon, SVP of HR, Edgewood and Vantage Management and HR Alliance DC Treasurer and Past President (Posted January 2022)

Clay Worley, SVP and CHRO, NCI Information Systems and HR Alliance DC Board Member (Posted 2021)

Aspirational Statement

We come together to evolve Human Capital practices in order to effectively serve today's organizational and social needs and to creatively shape the future of our workplaces and the world