Past Presidents

HR Alliance is led by a volunteer Board of Directors. While each Board member contributes valuable personal time and effort to helping us forward our mission, it would be impossible to list every Board Member who has served our organization since the late 1950’s when we first began operating under an informal leadership structure. In 1964, Bylaws were established for the Washington Technical Personnel Forum and our first President was elected. Below, is a complete list of our Past Presidents to whom we are eternally grateful for their leadership.

1964-1965 Albert Johnston
1965-1966 Jack L. Rutter
1966-1967 Carl E. Jacobs
1967-1968 Robert F. Kramer
1968-1969 John C. Kinkead
1969-1970 Donald C. Bird
1970-1971 James J. Kennedy
1971-1972 George Umbright
1972-1973 John B. Scott
1973-1974 Jack L. Rutter
1974-1975 Theodore J. Habarth
1975-1976 John C. Kinkead
1976-1977 Charles H. Starliper
1977-1978 Susan M. Newborn
1978-1980 Dennis M. Sheehy
1980-1982 James O. Knowles
1982-1983 Ester H. Goldman
1983-1985 Steve F. Sayre
1985-1987 C. Michael DeBruhl
1987-1989 Sharon S. Blackmon
1989-1991 C. Michael DeBruhl
1991-1992 Winston Watt
1992-1993 Karen L. Myer-Cain
1993-1995 Bill Thomasson
1995-1997 Barbara Mitchell
1997-1998 Carlos Eschalar
1998-2000 Karen Stacy
2000-2002 Kristen L. Stevens
2002-2004 Kathy Madaleno
2004-2006 Kim Clark Pakstys
2007-2008 Laura A. Letts
2009-2010 Cookie Perlmutter
2011 Jill Ririe
2012 Wendy Henninger
2013 Jody Friend
2014 Emily Bender
2015 Vanessa McCall
2016-2017 Randy Yu
2018 Jason Salamon
2019-2020 Elizabeth Mashakas
2021-2022 - Julia Medvin
Present - Friderike Butler

HR Alliance

Timely, valuable programs packed with business and HR-relevant content.  Comprehensive data and policy and practice information in our annual compensation survey.  Networking opportunities with HR leaders and professionals from across the area.  We are HR Alliance – DC Metro’s premier HR association.