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Members - Steps to Post:

  1. Click on the link:
  2. Select “Click Here” at the bottom of the page
  3. Log in using member credentials
  4. Complete all fields, the ones with a red asterisk are required, Click “Save”
  5. Staff Note:  Virtual Members will need to pay a $75 fee for posting and will be taken to a secure page where credit card information may be entered.  Organizational and Individual members may post free.
  6. Click “Activate Now”
  7. Click “Continue”
 Non Members - Steps to Post:
  1. Create a profile:
  2. Select, “Non Member – Job Posting” Member type.
  3. Complete required fields and submit.
  4. Complete fields to make the $150 payment.
  5. Log into using new credentials.
  6. Click on “My Job Listings” from top left sidebar.
  7. Click, “Add a Job”
  8. Complete all fields, the ones with a red asterisk are required, Click “Save”
  9. Click “Activate Now”
  10. Click “Continue”
 Steps to Manage:
  1. Log into
  2. From My Profile, click on “My Job Listings” from the left side bar.
  3. View current postings and take necessary actions: “Modify Listing”, “Delete Listing” or “Resumes”.  

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