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2021 Compensation Survey - Available for Purchase!

The HR Alliance Compensation Survey & Trend Report is one of the most comprehensive sources of information on salaries, incentive pay, and compensation practices in the DC Metro region.

Our HR Alliance 2021 Annual Compensation Survey & Trend Report is now available for purchase!  Please reach out to or call us at 703-433-9576 to confirm your price point and to receive the appropriate link to allow for secure purchase from our website.  Invoices that show payment options are also available, upon request. 

Those who participated in our 2021 survey and HR Alliance DC members will receive discounts on the purchase price.  The full price structure, with applicable discounts, is below.


Enhancements to 2021 Survey:
  • Additional Benchmarking Position – Diversity & Inclusion Officer
    • Given employers are adding this role, HR Alliance is including this position to stay current with our participating companies and remains committed to supporting inclusion and diversity
  • Additions to Policies & Practices section (Trend Report)
    • Questions regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic and its impact on organizations
    • New section of questions regarding Diversity & Inclusion
Price Structure for 2021:
  • Survey Participants 
    • Organizational Member - $1,085
    • Individual Member - $1,450
    • Non-Member - $1,800
  • Non-participants 
    • Organizational Member - $3,450
    • Individual Member - $3,950
    • Non-Member and Base Price - $4,450
    • Federal Government Agencies - $2,300

  • Consultants 
    • Small firms and/or Independent Contractors - Will purchase the survey on behalf of their client for the appropriate Participant or Non-participant price.
    • Consultant firms (with multiple clients) - $5,950

The 2020 Compensation Survey is Now Available at a Reduced Price

The discounted price of the 2020 Compensation Survey is:

  • $750 for participants
  • $1,150 for non-participants

Our discounted surveys may only be purchased by a company for use within that company for its internal staff.  We will no longer sell past surveys to consulting firms for use with multiple clients.   

To purchase the 2020 Compensation Survey or for more information about the survey or HR Alliance DC, please contact us at or 703-433-9576.

Note:  The discounted price includes all Adobe and Excel files for the 2020 Compensation Survey, but the on-line "Data on Demand" features are no longer available.  

Past Surveys

We do have the ability to provide you with our past survey reports for the year's 2010-2020.  If you are interested in purchasing any of these surveys at a discounted price, please contact us at  Past surveys will no longer be sold to consulting firms for use with multiple clients.

2022 Draft Time-Line:

  • April 1 - Data Effective Date
  • April 4 - Launch Date for 2022 Survey
  • June 17 - Data Due Date
  • August 22 - Report Publication Date
  • October - 2022 Results Webinar

Aspirational Statement

We come together to evolve Human Capital practices in order to effectively serve today's organizational and social needs and to creatively shape the future of our workplaces and the world