HR Alliance Committees

Volunteering with HR Alliance is a great way to advance your leadership skills, make new contacts, and share your expertise with others, all while helping HR Alliance maintain its reputation as the best HR professional association in the Washington metropolitan area. Most Board members serve on one or more Committees, before being asked to join to the Board. You must be an active member of HR Alliance to serve on a Committee or serve on our Board of Directors. Below are a list of active Committees. If you are interested in obtaining more information about volunteering, click on the link below and you will be contacted by the Committee Chair or our Management Office 

HR Alliance 2023 Committee Assignments

Programs Committee
Laurie Price, Meso Scale Diagnostics (Co-Chair)
Kathy Lewis, Gallagher (Co-Chair)
Trina Fongyen, Northrop Grumman
Jennifer Zanone, Gallagher
Julie McGowan, Amentum
Jodi Cohen, Bernstein Management Corporation
Lisa Forman Johnson, United Air Temp
Samaria Sherman, SVi Services, LLC
Sue Ratcliff, IonQ

Compensation Survey Committee
Neil Sawyer, NeoSystems Corp. (Chair)
Signy Whitt, Grubhub
Tim Kelly, McGriff Insurance Services
Olivia Shultz, Hexagon US Federal
Andrew Guigno, Pearl Meyer
Veronika Valcheva, Pearl Meyer

Membership/Member Relations Committee
Anja Nickel, ABN Financial Strategies (Chair)
Linda White, HydroGeoLogic
AJ Buniak, AssuredPartners
Megan Walston, Merito Group, LLC
David Bachrach, Innovation Group

Communications Committee
Sam McCarthy, Cordia Resources (Chair)
Friderike Butler, The Nebo Company
Jennifer Beck, Spring International
Cari Bohley, Peraton

Sponsorship Committee
Dan Glass, ICF (Co-Chair)
Ian Kessler (Co-Chair)

Nomination and Succession Committee
Janet Brewer, Arcfield (Chair)

Aspirational Statement

We come together to evolve Human Capital practices in order to effectively serve today's organizational and social needs and to creatively shape the future of our workplaces and the world