Care for Others

We recognize that leaders and organizations are rethinking how they support their people in the workplace. Whether it is navigating a pandemic, creating meaningful opportunities for work, or being a resource when external events take their toll on each of us, we believe organizations have an opportunity to play a more intentional and active role in being an advocate for their people.

The closer your people are to trauma or tragedy, the more important it is to address it. Whether you operate in Texas, New York, or anywhere - violence and racism impact us all in different ways. It is scary and significant. We wanted to share a few insights and recommendations for what organizations and leaders can do to help right now and moving forward.

Individuals at every level of an organization can lead by example, however, we need senior leaders, executives, and HR professionals to create spaces for people to feel comfortable speaking about what they are going through, should they decide to share.

Although we may feel alone, we all may have similar fears, frustrations, and concerns when it comes to safety and support. Senior leaders and workplaces should consider reviewing and restating their commitment to safety in every form - psychological, emotional, and physical.

Sometimes it may make sense to bring in psychologists and professional counselors or provide resources external that employees may take advantage of as they manage stress, grief, and anxiety.

If you or your leadership team have not heard anything from your people, perhaps there is a reason for that. It is possible that people do not know how to start the conversation, or even feel safe having a conversation about internal or external events, much less their personal concerns and challenges. If employees are not speaking up, consider re-assessing how your leaders can create space for discussion and lead by example in a thoughtful and measured way.

The reality is that organizations and leaders are constant works in progress. We recognize that this article is just a small action we can take, however, we hope that it provides ideas and resources that help us move forward together.

Resources to help get the conversation started:

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