Selecting a Membership

Why HR Alliance?

  • HR Alliance is for professionals at any level of their career who want to plug-in to the tools, resources, and connections to grow and advance their career, especially in the tech and government contracting space.
  • Our Exclusive Compensation Survey creates an advantage by providing knowledge to make competitive career choices.
  • Our education and training allow access to ongoing professional development and industry standard certifications, while building a network of professional allies.
  • Our virtual networking events allow HR enthusiasts to come together and share their knowledge about HR-related topics.

Which Membership is Right for You?

($700 - $1700)
Pay As You
 Free or reduced Registration to All
Regularly Scheduled Programs
(8 per year)
 ♦ Half-price for in-person programs, free for Virtual Programs/Events  $60 each;
$480 to
attend all
 Free Registration for Networking Events or other events coordinated by the Membership Committee Non-members pay
registration fee
 Earn HRCI Credits and SHRM
PDCs at Programs
 Social Media site participation such as LinkedIn Group & Company, Twitter and Facebook  
 Membership Directory
 Ability to Access Other
Member Expertise
 Individual Holds Membership -
the membership stays with
you even if you change jobs
 Multiple Membership Slots-
provides flexibility so the value
of membership is available
to more than two individuals
 Flexible Pricing Based on
Number of Members
 Compensation Survey
Purchase Discounts
 Use of Job Board $75 (half price) for each 60-day posting $150 for each
60-day posting


Aspirational Statement

We come together to evolve Human Capital practices in order to effectively serve today's organizational and social needs and to creatively shape the future of our workplaces and the world