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HR Alliance

Timely, valuable programs packed with business and HR-relevant content.  Comprehensive data and policy and practice information in our annual compensation survey.  Networking opportunities with HR leaders and professionals from across the area.  We are HR Alliance – DC Metro’s premier HR association.

Sponsorship Opportunities

HR Alliance is pleased to offer sponsorship opportunities to organizations wishing to promote their products and services to our members. Sponsorships are offered at various levels as outlined in the following table:

Benefits Networking Happy Hour Event

Platinum Annual

Gold Annual
Logo on our Website X X X X
Web Hyperlink to your Website X X X X
Materials Available at Monthly Meeting Program(s)   X X X
Acknowledgement in Opening Remarks (of either monthly event or networking event) X X X X
Dedicated email to HR Alliance mailing list promoting sponsor (specific product/service offering or event if it doesn't occur on the same day of a HR Alliance event)   X
(4 emails)
(2 emails)
(1 email which would be shared if there are 2 program sponsors)
Number of Sponsoring Company Attendees Per Monthly Program X
(4 attendees)
(4 attendees)
(2 attendees)
(2 attendees)
Number of HR Alliance Membership Slots 0 4 2 0
Name/Logo on Monthly Program Meeting Announcements (or Networking Specific Announcement) X X X X
Name/Logo on Event Signage X X X X
Attendees at Networking Events(s) X
(10 attendees)
(6 attendees)
(4 attendees)
Posting Permissions on Linked-In   X    
Ability to host & produce a maximum of 2 webinars on a designated date for HRADC members and those on our mailing list.   X    
Free job postings on HRADC Job Board   X X  

* Not to exceed two sponsorships at each monthly program meeting.

For information related to pricing and availability of sponsorship opportunities, please contact or call us at 703.433.9576.