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The Source of All Business Problems and Opportunities

Poor communication. Employee conflict. Money mismanagement. Micromanagement. Toxic cultures. Tense manager-employee relationships.
Poor communication. Employee conflict. Money mismanagement. Micromanagement. Toxic cultures. Tense manager-employee relationships.

As my friend Michael Port says, these common business problems are nothing more than personal problems in disguise.

It's worth restating. Personal problems are the root cause of most business problems.

Micromanagement isn't about poor delegation skills. It's about a lack of trust and preparedness. Toxic cultures isn't about a lack of large incentive programs. It's about widespread negativity, inadequacy, and indifference. Overwhelm isn't about time. It's about priorities and fear.

The most serious issues at work lie in areas we don't talk about, such as relationships, personalities, pride, beliefs, fears, judgements, and desires. Focus on these things within each individual and you'll increase your chances of witnessing positive shifts in your company.

The good news is the source of business problems is also the source of business opportunities. It, again, comes down to personal characteristics and behaviors.

Want your people to take risks? Help them to develop courage, and overcome the fear of making wrong decisions. Want your employees to create amazing client relationships? Help develop their empathy and humility. Want to create a corporate culture of respect and teamwork? Discuss differing perspectives and model gratitude.

The source for everything meaningful that happens within an organization, both good and bad, lies at the individual level. Support each individual on bettering themselves for the betterment of others. Great organizations are made up of imperfect people doing amazing things.

Pete Smith, President, SmithImpact

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