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What is Wellness?

Research proves that having an effective wellness program can be beneficial not only for employees, but also for your organization's bottom line.
As an HR Professional, I'm sure you've often heard about how important wellness is for an organization. Research proves that having an effective wellness program can be beneficial not only for employees, but also for your organization's bottom line. Some organizations have entire departments devoted to wellness, while others may only be able to work it into a job description for their HR Generalists. But, what about organizations that can't afford to do that, or that might not have the time to implement a robust program? Is there a way to implement a wellness program without breaking the bank?

The first and most important thing is to remember what wellness means. While there are plenty of textbook answers that can define this, to me, wellness is simple; it's all about being healthy and keeping the workplace and workforce healthy. And there are so many simple and cost-effective things you can do. In fact, some are so easy that you could even start tomorrow!

For instance, there are some plants that can rid toxins from the air, and some can even help to stimulate your brain too! In addition, some of these plants are actually extremely easy to maintain--some don't even require sunlight! (Google - snake plant, spider plant, peace lily, English Ivy, Lemon Balm, etc.) And, while the debate is ongoing regarding stand-up desks, encouraging employees to take just 5 minutes every hour to walk around the office can help improve endothelial function. Furthermore - employees who take a 15 minute break at work can actually improve cognition and decrease potential burn out.

Wellness ISN'T rocket science and it CAN be simple. You just have to know what works with the culture at your organization. So, encourage your employees to take a break, go for a walk, breathe in some fresh air from the office plants you bring in, or go running after work. Whatever you choose, just know that it doesn't have to be confusing or costly.

Written by:

Christina Skinner, PHR, who serves on the Communications Committee and Board for HR Alliance. To find out more about Christina, please visit our Board of Directors webpage or email Christina directly at


By: Lisa Hopson
On: 10/02/2014 09:45:06
The October edition of HR Magazine has a timely article on "Wearable Wellness
Fitness trackers are in fashion within corporate wellness programs"

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